Transforming the Fleet for New Missions Ahead

This year’s event will focus on the challenges ahead for the JLTV, MRAP, HMMWV ECV and MTVR/LVSR, including what will be done in the coming year to address the shifting priorities and vehicle requirements in OCOs.

The drawdown in Iraq and shift to a long-term, sustainment strategy in Afghanistan mean that now more than ever the military must develop vehicles adequate for these new missions. Shifting theater requirements and budget realities dictate that the tactical vehicles community reposition itself accordingly.

As new vehicle platforms emerge to meet the military’s needs and challenges, problems with ballistic requirements, logistics, vehicle armor and modernization fleet come into view. As the battlefield continues to evolve, the need for a

The Summit will focus on:

  • Objectives, plans and next steps to be taken in the JLTV, HMMWV ECV and MRAP program
  • Future requirements and planning for the TWV fleet
  • Developments in applied vehicle technology
  • Adapting to budget realities - streamlining vehicle development and acquisition

The Summit’s Future Armor Technology Focus Day will examine the latest technologies and best practices that support the continuous development of armor protection. From materials composites to design, these advancements will show you how to implement stronger, lighter and more cost-effective armor solutions.

Presentations and workshops will highlight:

  • Latest research and development in armor and materials technology
  • Immediate practical applications for developers and users
  • Clear plans for overcoming challenges and enhancing capabilities in future vehicles via research and armor technology

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